Company Background

PFT Food Industries Sdn Bhd was established in 2003 and is engaged in the production and marketing of frozen meat processing food products of exceptional quality. Our local operations in Selayang, Negeri Selangor Darul Ehsan.

We employed a result-oriented workforce and utilize only specialty “know how” technology to produce frozen meat processing food products. Moreover, we have over 15 years of experience in providing a wide range of Frozen Food products to the local and oversea market.

Company Info

As a professional refrigerated meat producing company, employees need to undergo rigorous training to ensure the quality of the product that we produced. We use raw materials that are derived from local & oversea such as Japan, Germany and Italy. The meat used to process is also halal certificated and safe to consume in

order to achieve the highest standards of supply manufactured. Our manufacturing plant, warehouse and office occupy approximately 14,400 square feet of floor space. At the moment, we have staff strength of more than 40, of which 70% are directly involved in operations. Our Major Brands are PFT and MADUBEE.

Our People Who Made It All Possible

Our Objective

To provide a premium quality and healthy Halal frozen foods and to provide our consumers feel safe to enjoy our products.

Our Strength

We are committed to produce premium quality Halal frozen food products. We are continually upgrading our machines and equipment and we employ dedicated people to ensure premium quality products that meet customer satisfaction.

Halal Certification

All our products are certified Halal by The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia(JAKIM), an internationally recognized Halal certification body.

Management Responsibility

PFT Food Industries Sdn Bhd strives towards the assurance of food safety through implementation of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) system. Our GMP system shall be based on the following reference standards:

  • MOH’s GMP Guidelines
  • MS1514 : 2009 – Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) For Food (first Revision)

With GMP system in place, we will have better control and monitoring of our production operations, including our raw materials and processing steps, to consistently produce safe food products for our customers. To ensure our GMP system meets the requirements of the above reference standards, it is the management’s responsibility to ensure the following are in place:

  • Our premise and facilities are appropriate and sufficient
  • We have clear procedures and these are followed
  • We have a stable workforce and we identify who does what
  • We keep good records to enable good traceability
  • We train and provide appropriate tools to our employees
  • We emphasize on good hygienic practices
  • We maintain our facilities and equipment
  • We build food safety and quality into our products and processes
  • We perform regular self-inspections and audits

In addition to the use of internal inspections to verify the effectiveness of our GMP system, it is also the management’s responsibility to ensure that sufficient budget is allocated to enable necessary tests to be carried out by independent laboratories as part of the company’s hygiene and sanitation verification procedure.

For the control of all procedures and monitoring records, the management has also ensured that we have established a proper documentation system, including the control of confidential documents.

Scope of GMP

The scope of our GMP system is encompasses all activities carried out within the premises of PFT FOOD INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD, from the point of receiving of raw material, ingredients and packaging materials to preparation, heat treatment, blast freezing, packing and cartoning, until the products are ready to be delivered to customers. Our GMP system is intended to prevent or eliminate food safety hazards (biological, chemical and physical) or reduce it to an acceptable level.

Management Commitment

The Management is committed to consistently provide safe and wholesome food products to consumers. This commitment is clearly documented and made known to all employees through the following food safety and quality policy:

PFT’s Food Safety & Quality Policy

We committed to:

  • produce safe, quality and wholesome food products that meet the requirements of customers, regulatory bodies and GMP standards at all times.
  • achieve customer satisfaction through continual maintenance and improvement of our GMP system.

Food Safety & Quality Objectives:

  1. To deliver products that meet the following regulatory microbiological requirements:
    Raw Products Cooked Products
    Total Plate Count ≤ 2.5x106 cfu/g ≤ 106 cfu/g
    Coliform < 1100 cfu/g ≤ 50 cfu/g
    E. coli ≤ 100 /g Not detected/g
    Salmonallea Absent in 25g Absent in 25 g
    Staphylococcus aureus ≤ 250 cfu/g Not detected/g


  2. Free from foreign matter as stated here, ≤ 3mm of Stainless Steel, ≤1.5mm of Ferrous and ≤ 2.5mm Non- Ferous material.
  3. To have 0 product recall due to food safety issue per year.
  4. To have not more than 5 customer rejects due to food safety issues per year.
  5. To reduce customer complaint cases due to;
    • Food quality issues: to ≤ 10 cases per year
    • Food safety issues: to ≤ 5 cases per year

Pre-Requisite Programmes

The following pre-requisite programs shall be put in place to support our GMP system:

  1. Premise and Equipment Design and Facilities (Doc. No. P01)
  2. Process Control (Doc. No. P02)
  3. Receiving, Storage and Delivery (Doc. No. P03)
  4. Calibration and Preventive Maintenance (Doc. No. P04)
  5. Housekeeping and Cleaning (Doc. No. P05)
  6. Waste Management (Doc. No. P06)
  7. Personnel Hygiene, Disease Control and Visitor Policy (Doc. No. P07)
  8. Training (Doc. No. P08)
  9. Supplier Control (Doc. No. P09)
  10. Chemical Control (Doc. No. P010)
  11. Pest Control (Doc. No. P011)
  12. Verification (Doc. No. P012)
  13. Control of Non-Conformity (Doc. No. P013)
  14. Identification and Traceability (Doc. No. P014)
  15. Customer Complaint (Doc. No. P015)
  16. Product Recall (Doc. No. P016)
  17. Document and Records Control (Doc. No. P017)
  18. Contingency plan (Doc. No. P018)
  19. Water Supply (Doc. No. P019)
  20. Control of Microbiology, Chemical & Physical Contamination (Doc. No. P020)
  21. Internal Audit (Doc. No. P021)
  22. Management Review (Doc. No. P022)

The intent and purpose of our PRP’s are to spell out in detail how the requirements stated in the reference standards of our GMP system shall be met. These PRP’s are Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that are closely linked to the main elements of the reference standards (refer to Appendix 13), except for two SOP’s titled Customer Complaint and Contingency Plan.

All customer complaints and feedbacks shall be properly recorded, handled and responded to as per the established SOP. This will help to restore customer and/or consumer confidence in the company’s products and for the purpose of improving the GMP system.

Since accidents and unexpected occurrences, including natural disasters, can happen and cause damages to facilities and equipment and also result in food product contamination, the Contingency Plan SOP is established to provide clarity on what course of counter actions to be taken.

The rest of the PRP’s have been established with purposes that are in line with objectives and rational stated in the reference standards. In meeting the GMP requirements, all applicable legal and regulatory requirements in the country shall also be addressed and met by our GMP system.

Management review shall be conducted periodically as per the established SOP to assess the continuing suitability of our GMP system and also its effectiveness based on the verification results and achievement of the food safety and quality objectives.